Age of Japan 2

Age of Japan 2

Age of Japan 2 continues oriental theme, that you like so much
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Age of Japan 2 is an arcade game developed by Realore Studios.
At the beginning of the game you will have two game modes: arcade and puzzle. After selecting one of them you will see a tutorial which explains the storyline, the young emperor needs a new teacher and the character you control is the chosen one.

You will have to match three items together for example fans, purple fishes, leaves and other stuff and the result is to swamp positions, if you make a match (place three or more similarly-adorned squares next to another) you will see how they disappear form the board and the most interesting thing is that you will have extra points.

After every few stages you will have the possibility to play bonus rounds as well, which give you a set amount of time to make as many matches as possible, and you will have to keep in mind that the clock is ticking against you (I didn't take care of this little detail and I lost two times in the second level).

Every new scenario introduces new obstacles such as specially highlighted squares requiring that multiple matches be made atop them.

The graphics of the game are awesome, and the scenarios are very well done, the sound track is really nice, you will hear a selection of Japanese traditional music and the sound effects are good.

To sum up, this is an addictive game and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

María Noel Balla
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  • Challenging puzzles, incredible graphics and great Japanese traditional music


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